Thursday, March 8, 2012

You have to take it apart to learn it

I would like to stress the importance of knowing how to take apart each and everyone of my motorcycles.  Once again I found out the hard way by purchasing a dirt cheap motorcycle with a heaping amount of problems.  I had to replace a lot of parts and in doing so I saw the purpose of the mechanical side. 

By taking my bikes apart I get to learn all of their differences and similarities.  Knowing how the motorcycle works is one of the most important part of riding because there's more then just going fast. I want to be able to control the horsepower I sit on hence the suspension tuning.  You want to be able to stop well, so tires and brakes become a factor.

Horsepower-  To maximize the power-band on my Suzuki Gsxr 1000, I had it Dyno tuned at a shop to where it was reaching 170 hp.

Brakes-  I Changed my brakes from the standard Tociko brakes and replaced them with the Yamahas brakes and a steel braided brake line.  My front brakes went from squishy to hard and firm.

Suspension-  I had my suspension dialed into my weight by having a specialist check the rebound and sag while I sat on my bike in riding position.  Before I had it tuned the front forks were really bouncy- making it great for wheelies- but not for turning and speed.

Before going out on a Ride just wash the bike, it will allow you to cover everything you may catch some leaking fork oil or a missing bolt on the exhaust.  It's better to be safe then sorry.

Johnny 5-

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