Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What do you ride?

I've always loved all aspects of racing, whether it was on foot or on a bicycle, and this has kind of transpired into where I am now with riding my motorcycle.  Back in high school I had a multitude of fast cars--including a '98 BMW M3 and a '94 Camaro Z28-- but when I felt like I needed to go faster I saw a motorcycle as the ultimate machine.  The year I graduated High School I bought my first motorcycle.  I wanted it so bad, I bought it before I even knew how to ride it.  There was something very enticing about the fact that you are incredibly open on one of these machines.    All that stands between you and the road is a seat, an engine and two small rubber contact patches. 

I'm in my final semester of College now and I've pretty much ridden everything there is to ride.  I've been on Harley's, dirtbikes, scooters and crotch-rockets.  Right now I'm in the phase where I just love to go fast and having a crotch-rocket is the best toy to have.  My current bike is a Suzuki Gsxr 1000 which I have modified to be mainly a track bike but I do ride her on the street.

Harley                                                           My GSXR                                              Dirtbike

There is something about riding that draws people in, what is it that makes motorcycles so fascinating?
I may be missing some here so feel free to offer any new suggestions, but it's the fact that:

  • Social aspect- Websites such as BARF "Bay area Riders Forum gather people with interests and skills alike can come ride and speak with each other." Here's the link to their website---->BARF
  • Sport aspect -  There are all sorts of different genres or motorcycle racing, drag, dirt, flat track, super stock, Moto GP, and they all pertain to racing on two wheels.
  • Casual riding-  There are plenty of people out there who don't want to go out dragging their knees around every corner and choose to cruise from location to location.

My goal of this blog is to captivate people in the sport and luxury's of motorcycle riding.  I feel that if everyone in this World rode a motorcycle or has ridden one, the roads would be a much safer place and my goal is to help people understand why.  It takes a certain kind of individual that wants to ride an iron horse and this blog is on a mission to find out what drives us to saddle up.

I welcome any comments or criticism openly.

~Johnny 5

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